Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Original Kids' Posters!

Since I became a mommy, I've decided to start designing kids posters! The first I drew for my son Viliamu (William). I love sea turtles, especially Squirt from 'Finding Nemo'. And of course, it's no surprise that I chose an island theme for him. :) The next drawing I did for my best friends' daughter, Alana. My friend loves koalas and 'Precious Moments' characters, so I put an islander-spin on the theme. Next up, I have to start on Tehani's drawing before she's born!

Samoan Taulima Sketches

Here are twos pencil drawing of a Samoan man wearing a Samoan "taulima" tattoo design and blowing a conch shell. Blowing the conch shell is sometimes used before a ceremony to mark the official beginning, to herald chief's proclamations, and in ancient times was sometimes used to accompany chants. To blow the conch shell is a call to the divine. The blowing of the shell should always be accompanied by protocol. When it's blown, how many times and in which directions all have a complex set of meanings. In ancient times the blowing of the conch shell was also often used to communicate across the waters between people on canoes and those on land. Sometimes to request permission to come to shore. Permission or denial would then be returned from those on shore by them blowing the conch shell back with a certain number of blows. Permission to land avoided possible death, making the conch shell a vital instrument.

A Piece of My Heart

This drawing is from a picture taken at my Grampa's 80th birthday party, several years before he passed away. The original drawing is huge, about 4 feet wide by 3 feet tall. It is the largest pencil drawing I've ever done. I love and miss you Grampa - and look forward to seeing you again someday!

A Samoan Blessing

This is one of my favorite drawings. I originally drew this as a going-away present for my pastor and his family, before they left Seattle to start a new church in Hilo, Hawai'i. I chose a heart as the background to represent God's love for us, and decorated it with taulima (Samoan tattoo) designs. The banner shows the scripture Ephesians 6:24 in Samoan, "Ia i ai lou alofa tunoa ia i latou uma o e alolofa tumau i lo tatou Alii o Iesu Keriso." Efeso 6:24 At the bottom of the banner is the word "Shalom" in Hebrew. Meaning 'peace be with you.' At the top of the banner is a dove holding an olive branch, similar to the one in the story of Noah's Ark; symbolizing God's promise and faithfulness.